Why 9/11 really happened !

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and THIS is why 9/11 really happened.

Way beyond politic levels, this is about spirit levels. They talk in symbols with us, they are black magicians. they use occult knowledge against humanity to keep us in the state of saturn consciousness, which is the lowest state of consciousness you can be. the lowest level of spirituality. in this state there is only the illusion of matter, matter is everything. the symbol for this consciouss level is a black cube, the symbol for saturn. the black cube means control, we control you. the black & white patterns of the chessboard in freemasons temples mean the same. They “walk” on our state of consciousness, they are above it. enlightened. Illuminati well check this by Mark Passio to understand what happened or what they wanted to happen to us while destructing the buildings. what i can tell you for sure is, that this satanic (saturnic) ritual went wrong, because WTC 7 wasn´t hit by an airplane, but to continue the ritual, they bombed it anyway but couldnt repeat it for hypnosis on television, because people would question this. A building collapsing on freefall speed without any impact.

That was the mistake of the ritual, something went wrong and the ritual didnt work as they wanted it to work. thats why people are waking up. ALL NUMBERS on 911, incl. the flight numbers, everything is connected to the tree of life and their distortion of it, they destroyed the tree of life, the ladder to spirituality and higher consciousness in front of your eyes, for your subconsciousness it ment something like “you will never be enlightened, we have the control over you, we delete this information about all this out of your subconsciousness” see for yourself… REALLY REALLY big research and very important to spread !!

3 Kommentare

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