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After we had re-established our website and using passwords of 30 random characters which are practically impossible to crack, we again were hacked. It is obvious that someone doesn´t like what we are doing and tries to shut down the expression of our information.

We suspect that it is our provider (which is part of a big corporation) itself who destroys websites like ours on purpose to shut down expression of free speech.

It is no coincidence that we now suffered the fourth destruction of our page and it proves that someone doesn´t like what we are doing.

Free speech is YET not illegal and we will continue to make use of our right to SAY WHAT WE WANT!

These are the tricks that the corporations are working with. Since they can´t legally prohibit and censor sites like ours (yet!) they have to pull other dirty little tricks to suppress free opinion and free speech.

They destroy websites, they manipulate search results, they restrain the bandwith of websites and youtube videos with alternative information and many more tricks like that!

They want us to think that free speech is welcome in our society when in fact they do everything to suppress information which is outside the norm!

We won´t let us be shut down and we will stand up every time they try to!

We restored our website again now and will immediately change the provider if this happens again! And we are sure this WILL happen again!

We won´t let our right to express what we WANT TO EXPRESS be destroyed!

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