Transhumanism: How did it happen?

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Sometimes the most obvious is the hardest thing to see…



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Here is a short quote from Zbigniew Brzezinski, a major political figure in the USA;

“In the technotronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalities effectively exploiting the latest communications techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason.”

What are the real motives behind Transhumanism?

Some are going to say it is the Illuminati trying to do this and that, or the masons are trying to control etc…Others are going to say the motive is to cure the world of diseases etc…
For sure we have heard all the fluffy arguments how bio-engineering and the technocratic society are going to “save the world” and the human species. Remember that the mind is an expert on lying and fabricating good intentions, It fools us into believing in all kinds of silly ideals and self-images.
But If we cut the bullshit and leave all theories aside for a second and honestly look at what we actually know. We know how our psyche is and we know for everything that we do, there is always a psychological driving force. When it comes to transhumanism we will find several main reasons why different enhancements are attractive for the disconnected human mind.
Let me point out that I am not attacking any person or any movement, I as any other human stand guilty, because WE ALL have this ridiculous mind inside of us, operating and controlling our thoughts and emotions. Instead of identifying with the mind and its constructs, let us together take a journey and pull away the curtain to see if there is some plain old human primitivism, hiding there.

Here are some psychological motivates for transhumanism:

1. The mind that is jealous of others, the mind that is afraid that If “If I don´t perform I will get cast out. “With the upgrades I will be able to stay competitive”
2. Mind fantasizing and looking for different dream scenarios that are totally disconnected from the laws of nature.
3. Our compulsive urge to be and especially to show others that we are successful, attractive and prosperous.
4. Unwillingness to put effort into things,” If I get that upgrade I will be able to this and that without even straining myself, the chip will do it for me J”
5. The peacock; Like with brandclothes, people are going to bolster their upgrades visibly so that everybody sees that they are superior beings. “Look, there he goes with his latest Apple 5000S upgrade…WOW”
6. Be able to earn more money, to fulfill EVERY urge that comes up, when it comes to comfort, food and sex.
7. Pride; The feeling of being physically and mentally superior to others.
8. To be able to whop somebody with the help of technological, and biochemical and genetic enhancements. In other words having an urge to dominate others.
9. Some will laugh but this will probably be the grand motive:

If I get this enhancement then I will finally get laid! :)

If we are honest we can all recognize that we have the above mentioned desires inside of us. Some will call these trait as human, many wise person through history have called these elements inhuman. With transhumanism unfolding infront of us, we can surely verify that these persons were correct.
So there we have it, our mind(hopefully not ours in the future) and our desires are the foundation for transhumanism.

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