The Synagogue of Satan (Saturn Brothership)

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We all heard about satan, the devil etc.

But what or who is “he” or “it” ?

Ladies and gentleman, we are proud to present you “Satan” today:


What ? A planet ? Thats the deal ? I was scared all the time of a huge planet ?

Yes my friends, all stories about the devil, hell etc. you ever heard, were actually meant symbolically. Jesus for example stands for the sun. The whole bible is a book about astrology, it tells you exactly the “walking” of Jesus (sun) through all zodiac signs etc.

Here is a great youtube video explaining the astrological meaning of the bible

In fact, jesus represents not only the sun, but also a complete woken up wise man with the right balance of the male and female energy. Thats why this story works so magical to you. Because the elite makes us believe that we are small, a nobody. And only a “person” like jesus, the son of god, can be that great. No no no…

We all can be like that, in fact we are. We all are son´s of “god”. We are connected to the infinite consciousness (god, the creator) and just need to wake up from this low vibrational level of our mind called the saturn matrix.

This is the Kabalistic tree of life which is actually the manual for life and behavior


The more you wake up, the higher you “climb” the ladder of consciousness. But always watch out to keep “climbing” the balanced way in the middle, too much on the left or right way keeps you away from beeing one completely enlightened. We will go very deep into this subjects in future articles.

We want to explain you now where and how to see the saturn symbols, which the elite uses to program our subconsciousness and to keep us in the low vibrating energy field of the saturn matrix. That´s why they are called “satanists”, satan is just another word for saturn, coming from the ancient gods like “El”, “Ra”, “Isis”, “Cronos” and many more. Hundreds of names for the same “god”. Satan (Saturn) is the ruler of matter. The creator of our 5 sense reality. This is exactly where the satanic and sick leaders wanna keep us. In the 5 sense reality, inside a “cube”, the 3rd dimension which we believe to be real. This elite is trying to bring us apart with different believings, systems, religions and more. And everywhere the elite is having his hands on you will find the satanic (saturnic) symbols with which they control us.

Watch this

The Synagogue of Satan (Saturn) Part 1

Part 2 (The connection in religions, banks, universities and more)

Part 3

Another great video about the cube and saturn cult which rules the world

As you can see, the black cube is the symbol for the planet saturn, or let´s say for the state of consciousness they want to keep us, because in this state of consciousness we have fear, anger, hate, jealousy and we keep dividing from each other and send negative energy into the energy field of planet earth. We all are connected to this energy field, and we manifest and create together this reality which they let us create and manifest. More about this in another article.

Now we can see also the flag of israel (Isis Ra El = ISRAEL) from a whole different view. As some of you might know, Israel was founded by Rothschild after the second world war. The family symbol of Rothschild is the David Star. No it has NOTHING to do with the jewish religion. If it would be a jewish symbol, then i guess they would use the 7 arm candle holder.

THIS is Rothschild zionist & occult esoteric symbolism

Bildschirmfoto 2013-06-06 um 09.48.56

THIS is jewish symbolism (Menora)


But we have an esoteric symbol that represents not only planet saturn as we saw in the video before, but also the meaning of “as above, so below”.

What the hell does that mean ?

Part 1

Part 2

So that means, Rothschild must know something we don´t know. Something what they don´t teach us in school. Is it maybe possible that they own a secret knowledge about how this reality works and how to own and manipulate it ? They finance and control schools, mainstream, news, media, music and film industries. Of course you will never find out through media. The background leaders are black magicians. Druids, magicians etc. have never been gone. They are still here. Dressed in suits and when the camera goes off, they go into the basements and do human sacrifices, child abuse and drink blood. And these people are our presidents ? Our banks ? Our politics ?

Wake up !

We will go much more detailed into these subjects the next weeks. Don´t worry…

We just wanna show you the connections, the dots, and make a clear picture of what is going on here.


You don´t believe all this ? Good for the elite ;)

That´s their goal, to believe what they teach you in your “independent” media, school, universities ;)

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