Recommended Series of Documentaries dealing with Occult Knowledge

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This is a very well researched series of documentaries by director Christopher Everard, dealing with the history of secret societies, royal bloodlines and their occult background.

I highly recommend this films to get a feel for what has been going on behind the scenes for ages and for the knowledge that is suppressed.

This knowledge has been kept secret. In fact, in ancient times it was destroyed by the church and by the tyrants of their time. They burned down libraries (like in Alexandria), they killed people who possessed knowledge like this in the inquisition. In new colonized countries they killed the shamans and medicine men. They wanted this knowledge for themselves. This gave them an advantage over the rest of the people. The church demonized it to make sure the people were (and still are) scared to look at these topics. It had to stay in the underground and nowadays, publicly is regarded as “fairy tales”. This guarantees those in power to use it for their goals.

“Occult” means nothing else than “hidden”, so occult knowledge simply means hidden or secret knowledge. This knowledge is neither “good” nor “evil”, it is just knowledge and can be used both for the good or for the evil. Through this knowledge they make contact to the spirit world, just like the shamans and medicine men of nature tribes. You can contact benevolent spirits, or you can contact “demons”. Through this contact to the spirit world they channel information which help them establishing their power.

The highest ranks of the elite on this planet excessively use this knowledge to their favor and against humanity. It is crucial that more people become aware of what is going on.


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The Illuminati Vol.1  Part 1/2 (click a second time on it to see it in fullscreen)

Disclose.tvTHE ILLUMINATI 1 Christopher Everard-Jurquet and Anthony J Hilder


The Illuminati Vol.1  Part 2/2

Disclose.tvTHE ILLUMINATI 2 Christopher Everard-Jurquet and Anthony J Hilder



The Illuminati Vol. 2 – The Antichrist Conspiracy

The Illuminati Vol 2 (Chris Everard – The Antichrist Conspiracy 2006) from angel284014 on Vimeo.


The Illuminati Vol.3 – Murdered by Monarchy

The illuminati Vol.3 Monarquias asesinas 2007 from Deu on Vimeo.




The Illuminati Vol.4 – Brotherhood of the Beast




Spirit World Vol.1  Part 1/4



Spirit World Vol.1  Part 2/4


Spirit World Vol.1  Part 3/4


Spirit World Vol.1  Part 4/4



Spirit World Vol.2  Introduction


Spirit World Vol.2  Part 1/5



Spirit World Vol.2  Part 2/5



Spirit World Vol.2  Part 3/5



Spirit World Vol.2  Part 4/5



Spirit World Vol.2  Part 5/5

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