Marx And Satan

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An Interesting short book…

This is an interesting book.

For all aspiring political students, no matter
your background…Christians should read it to learn more about both Marx and Satan. Secularists should learn more to learn about the truth of one of their so called Atheist-to-boast-about (Better even than Christopher Hitchens), and the truth of the inner spiritual struggle. Communists should read it to find out about who turned to the Dark side, and what this may mean for those who follow that path.

And we should not leave out a few more details. Communism is often presented as the ideal society. But the author here is Richard Wurmbrand, who was Lutheran pastor Richard Wurmbrand. In contrast to the lies about freedom under communism, Wurmbrand was in prison, for many many years, under communism, where he was tortured, all because he would not admit that the communist officials were more powerful than Jesus Christ. [By the way, those communist regimes fell]. Much like Solshenitzin (Russian author), those who truly love Freedom of Speech, and liberty, and Freedom of thought are often the subject of persecution and harassment in communist, totalitarian, and New order systems.

People who tell you that you should not be worried when you notice others loosing their Freedom, are the very people, that you probably should wonder, what interest they have, in causing or encouraging people to give up Freedom.

The right to be wrong, the right to disagree, whether in matters of politics or religion or anything else is a precious and important right.

IT is not a struggle to allow others to say what we already agree with. But to allow or encourage others to speak, when we disagree with them, that is what liberty and the First Amendment (of the bill of rights) are all about.

This book is a testament to those who seek truth, and understand the true basis of authentic spirituality.

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