How the music and fashion industry is brainwashing the youth

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This is quite obvious to everyone who thinks about it for a minute.

Just look at the messages the music and fashion industry is sending to our youth and the purpose behind that.

The music industry produces different categories of stars with different messages. One of these categories are nowadays hip hop stars who tell our youth: “Life is hard. Don´t show emotion. You have to fight hard to get to the top. Look at my car, look at my bling bling, look at the champagne, look at the money I have, look at the fame I have. Life is about owning things, life is about money and fame”.



This is made role model of the kids

What this does is it promotes to the youth narcissism, egoism and especially materialism and wants them to understand life as a fight for money and fame. So that their main concern is how they look like and where they stand in the crowd. This is exactly what the industry wants our kids to think and to be. It wants them to be materialistic, to always want more and more and so to become compliant consumers, always looking for the “latest style” or status symbol.



Emotions are uncool nowadays. No happy faces. Poor kids.

The fashion industry supports that, especially for the girls. It wants them to constantly be unsatisfied with themselves, always looking for products which help them look “better”. They want them to follow what they give them as “fashion”, so that they think they always have to have the “latest fashion” to be on top. That will keep them buying and buying because they´re not satisfied with the “old” anymore. Just think of all the girls who are not satisfied with themselves and having eating disorders because they don´t fit in size zero like their role models. “I have to be like that if I want to have fame”.

London College of Fashion BA Catwalk Show 2012 photography Jay Mclaughlin-2

Zombie Fashion

There are obviously more messages transported by the industry. For example, kids are sexualized at a younger and younger age. This will pressure them to “grow up” faster and make them consumer slaves earlier. Think of how the Disney Club stars like Britney Spears, Aguilera and Miley Cyrus are sexualized right after they drop out of the club. The industry wants the kids to follow.


miley_cyrus_live_germany_whitemiley cyrus sexy myspaceMileyCyrus_mostlynaked

The transition of Miley Cyrus. Doing what she is told to do.

Other star´s “job” is the destruction of values and morals which contradict consumer behavior. You know, the uncool ones from back then. Lady Gaga as a classic example.


“Evil is cool. Be an egoist”

So, the music and fashion industry, alongside with television and Hollywood forms us into what they want us to be. A bunch of materialistic egoists who understand life as a competition, looking for more materialistic possessions and status and so being divided, non-thinking (or only thinking about the latest look) and being focused on what they put in front of us to hypnotize us with.



There is a lot more to the brainwash, especially to the use of symbols which manipulate the youth on a subconscious level and which I won´t go into detail now.


Industry slave Jay-Z, posing as the All Seeing Eye, telling us “I am god”.

I recommend the following website which is specialized in the symbolism used in music videos, fashion world, movies etc. and where you can learn a great deal about these topics.


Take care.

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