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DMT – The key to other dimensions

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When users take DMT they experience vivid hallucinations. Some users even believe they have communicated with nonhuman creatures while on DMT — but why? Tune in to find out why they believe this — and why some scientists are listening.

They say our body produces naturally DMT.

When ?

When we are born and when we die.

For me it clearly sounds like the “key” to enter and leave this material third dimension we are experiencing. Do you remember the fairy tales when kid open the closet to enter a dreamland or another dimension? This is what exactly is happening to us when we are born, consciousness enters into this world and when we die we leave this dimension again.

DMT users are not experiencing different things on this “trip”. They mostly all see the same things, as angels, demons, aliens (well all these beings are actually the same, just different names) and much more. While on DMT you “see” and feel that all is connected, we are all one. The mind is blocked, which is controlled and fooled by the elite. You see the real “world”. Your subconsciousness comes through and you see this dimension without any filters. You actually see and feel at once 100% of whats around you. Through the controlled day consciousness we have filters. These filters are set by the elite through subliminal mindcontrolling. THEY let you see what THEY want you to see. We go further into these subjects at another article.

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