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Here we have another nice easy to understand video of how our reality is split into various dimensions.

Here you can see the difference between 2D and the third dimension. Just to give you a small overview of how dramatical the change between each dimension is. Also important for those who cant understand how the 4th dimension could look like. There we come to the hypercube, but more about this in a future article.

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  1. Swish, Quite handy for turning my iTunes “consolidated” (urgh) library back
    to a thing with sane file framework and nomenclature.

  2. Oh right, that aids loads, thanks! And yeah, I thought it may be
    accomplished within the Music app, however it seemed weird
    if it’d show All your music. But it really is very good to know you can have a “Downloaded only” selection.

  3. I wasn’t able to listen to the last half of among your shows and was wondering if there are podcast or where would I be able to hear the remaining part of a particular show you were doing?

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