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David Icke´s TV and Radio Station “The People´s Voice” will go on air!

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Yes! After 6 days only, David Icke´s crowd funding project “The People´s Voice” reached the £100.000  minimum goal that was necessary for them to go on air!

There are still 24 days left to contribute a donation to the project and the more donations it receives the bigger, better and more professional it will be!

The People´s Voice will be an independent TV and radio station without any censoring like in the mass media counterparts. Like the name suggests it will be the voice of the people and not like, in the case of the mainstream media, the voice of the corporations and their will.

They will show information that the mainstream don´t show, they will give people a platform who are ignored by the mainstream.

It is a great project and we are looking forward to its start in October!

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