“Consuming Kids” – A documentary about how our kids are brainwashed into consumer behavior

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This documentary shows the tricks that the corporations use to brainwash our kids into an unnatural consumer behavior. The corporations employ teams of psychologists whose job it is to study the psychology of kids and to find out the best way to manipulate them into consuming their products. Billions of dollars are put into this “science”. Think of it: These scientists visit university to learn psychology, but then instead of using it for the good of people, they use it to manipulate them. Because of the “well payed jobs”. “What is your job?” “My job is to manipulate little children into a sick consumer behavior! But hey, I make a good living from it.” Shame on you.

The advertisement and promotion of products is planned in great detail to affect the kids on a subconscious level and these people work with every psychological trick at their disposal. They try to crush the healthy mind of the kids, and fill it with what they want them to think.
There are a lot of different tricks, for example some advertisements show the kids how to make their parents feel guilty if they don´t buy them a product. Other advertisements “personalize” a product, make them a “friend” of the kids, so that they want to have everything they see its face on it, like for example Disney´s McQueen, or Bob the Builder. And there are lot more tricks.

There is a war going on of the corporation´s psychologists against the healthy mind of our kids and as long as we don´t become aware of their weapons, they are winning.


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