American Education Insider on the Dumbing Down of the Education System

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This Lady worked for the government as an education expert. She did that for decades and experienced first hand how, throughout the time, ongoing changes were made to the education system. Changes, which in reality were not meant to improve the education but, on the contrary, to dumb it down.

Nowadays “education” doesn´t want students to be capable of critical thinking, it wants them to accept and repeat the official version of what they are being told by authority.

It is a simple indoctrination system. It sets the norms of what the students are allowed to think and of how it wants them to perceive the world. This guarantees that whoever thinks outside the norm and questions what he is being told is regarded as a rebel, crazy or ill. (By the way, rebels in school are often diagnosed with ADHD and then drugged into compliant states of consciousness. They are made “zombies”).

This Lady realized what was going on and the real purposes behind the changes that were made in the system. She couldn´t keep quiet about what she saw and so became a whistleblower.

So, welcome the well hearted Charlotte Iserbyt who tells us about her experiences in the education system.


The Secret History of Western Education – The Scientific Destruction of Mind

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